Everything Easy.


D3 utilizes a proprietary digital marketing and workflow automation platform called eSynergy® to create and execute all your channels of communication, form direct marketing & direct mail to marketing automation.

eSynergy® enables you to produce, execute, and deliver print, as well as all forms of digital marketing at any time and place in quantities from one to one million.

eSynergy® isn't only a printing solution. It's a content management solution. It is a digital workflow that delivers for you: direct mail, print, email, text, mobile, automated voice mail, and social media — all from one centralized location. Customized web metrics let you monitor your campaigns and track results for outstanding ROI.

With eSynergy®, you can maintain full brand control regardless of channel or who is accessing the system. Using centralized assets and establishing permissions, you can maintain control over the images, messaging, and offers. No more "oops!" moments when a distributor used the wrong logo or an expired discount. You manage your brand at the corporate level.

Visit our eSynergy® demo site and experience it yourself.